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Federal Department of Defence
Civil Protection and Sport

Organisation of the DDPS


Seven administrative units

The DDPS is divided into seven sectors that report directly to the Head of the DDPS: the Defence sector and six federal offices: General Secretariat, Federal Intelligence Service, armament agency (armasuisse), national topography office (swisstopo), Civil Protection and Sports.


Administratively, the Office of the Military Attorney General is assigned to the General Secretariat of the DDPS. It conducts criminal proceedings that fall within the military jurisdiction and is responsible for carrying out the duties of the military justice system efficiently and in accordance with the law. The military justice system is independent of armed forces command and the Federal Administration.


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Senior DDPS Officials

  • Departement
    Head of DDPS
    Federal Councillor
    Guy Parmelin
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  • General Secretariat
    Secretary general
    Nathalie Falcone-Goumaz
  • Office of the Military Attorney General
    Military Attorney General
    Stefan Flachsmann
  • Federal Intelligence Service
    Markus Seiler
  • Sector Defence
    Chief of the Armed Forces
    Lieutenant general
    André Blattmann
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  • Sector armasuisse
    Chief of Armament
    Martin Sonderegger
  • Sector swisstopo
    Fridolin Wicki
  • Federal Office of Civil Protection
    Benno Bühlmann
  • Federal Office of Sports
    Matthias Remund
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