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Federal Department of Defence
Civil Protection and Sport


The following services are at your disposal:

eBooks on Demand (EOD)
eBooks on Demand
is a document delivery service at a charge, enabling the order of complete electronic copies of copyright-free books published between 17th century and 1914.

More about EOD

Head of coordination Alexandria network: Daniel Kohler

Research Service

The Research Service provides documentations about various topics for you (containing books, magazine articles, microfilms, electronic media etc.). Priorities are the Swiss history, themes of politics, society, economics, finance, transport, the army and civil protection. In addition to every documentation we also provide a bibliography of further documents available in the BiG. Most of them can be borrowed. The BiG has subscriptions for about 1000 journals which are permanently stored and can be both internally and externally borrowed. Some articles that are relevant to us are evaluated additionally and can be ordered online via the Alexandria-Catalogue.


Archive Service of the DDPS
The Archive Service of the DDPS coordinates the conservation and presentation of documents of the administrative entities of the DDPS to the Federal Archive.

Together with the Army Staff Section for Military Archives, the Archive Service of the Armed Forces is responsible for conservation, presentation and archival placement of the documents for the Federal Archive.

The central task of this service is to assess which documents (files, papers, digital information etc.) are to be archived that are not permanently and regularly used. The service facilitates the transfer of private established works of important military personnel to the Federal Archive.

All documents are transferred to the Federal Archive. The Federal Archive is responsible for the use of documents belonging to the DDPS and the armed forces. Requests relating to historical and other factual subjects are to be addressed to the Federal Archive.

Specialized Unit for the Civil Protection
This service makes documents, bibliographical records and services available to Swiss and foreign authorities, institutions, organizations and private persons that are interested in civil protection and civil defence.

The Civil Protection Service cooperates with domestic and foreign authorities. It conducts and supports studies and publications relating to civil protection.
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