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Federal Department of Defence
Civil Protection and Sport

Security Policy sector SECPOL

  • SECPOL manages politically sensitive projects such as the elaboration of the security policy report and reports to parliament on the achievement of goals by the armed forces.
  • SECPOL seeks to ensure that in their projects, procurements and missions, the armed forces and armasuisse take account of the political directives of the Head of the DDPS, domestic political realities and foreign policy considerations.
  • SECPOL organises, prepares, manages and evaluates the international contacts of the Head of the DDPS and informs other departments on the international relations of the DDPS and the armed forces.
  • SECPOL is the point of contact for requests from other departments for assistance involving DDPS resources and provides the Head of the DDPS with the security and defence policy assessment on such requests.
  • SECPOL represents the interests of the DDPS and the armed forces at inter-departmental level with regard to war material export, military and civilian peace promotion, but also in preparing reports on Switzerland's foreign or integration policy.
  • SECPOL coordinates the commitment of the DDPS to the Geneva centres and the ETH Centre for Security Studies and it organises the preparation of dispatches to parliament to secure the related general credits.
  • SECPOL is the point of contact for security policy issues, not only from within the Department but also from outside, e.g. for associations and universities. It encourages public debate on security policy.


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  • Publications on security policy


General Secretariat
Security Policy SECPOL
Federal Palace East Wing
CH-3003 Bern

Phone  +41 31 324 75 17
Fax      +41 31 323 20 57

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