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The Federal Intelligence Service FIS

The Federal Intelligence Service FIS

Since 1 January 2010, there is a new security policy instrument in Switzerland, the Federal Intelligence Service, for short FIS. This new service resulted from merging the Service for Analysis and Prevention with the Strategic Intelligence Service FIS.


Partners and service recipients

In Switzerland these are the political and military leaders, the federal administration, in particular the departments DDPS, FDJP and the DFA and the cantons. Abroad the FIS maintains contacts with more than 100 intelligence, police and security services throughout the world. All of these bilateral and multilateral contacts are authorised by the Federal Council.


Thematic areas of interest

In Switzerland these are terrorism and violent extremism, proliferation, attacks on critical IT infrastructure and illegal intelligence. Abroad the thematic areas of interest of the FIS continue to be proliferation, terrorism, armed forces development, areas of operations of the armed forces abroad as well as arms technology and arms trade.


Supervision and legal foundations

The FIS is supervised by parliament, Federal Council, Federal Administration and DDPS. In the DDPS the Strategic Intelligence Service Supervision that was established in January 2009 is assigned to evaluate the activities of the intelligence services as regards their legitimacy, practicality and efficacy. This supervisory body is directly assigned to the head of the DDPS and carries out its supervisory function independently.

The Federal Act on Responsibilities in the Area of the Civilian intelligence Services (CISA) and the Federal Act on Measures to Safeguard Internal Security (ISA) provide the legal basis for the activities of the FIS.


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