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Federal Department of Defence
Civil Protection and Sport

Office of the Armed Forces Attorney General / Military Justice

The Office of the Armed Forces Attorney General
  • Ensures that the military tribunal system fulfils its statutory duties
  • Creates the general conditions for a high degree of consistency in practices and the application of legal precedent in the military tribunals
  • Supervises the military tribunal system while preserving the independence of the military tribunals
  • Ensures that military criminal proceedings are conducted properly and in accordance with the law
  • Carries out administrative and organisational duties for the military tribunal system
  • The Armed Forces Attorney General exercises the procedural rights that are granted to him
Badge Military Justice
Military tribunal system
  • Conducts criminal proceedings in relation to criminal offences committed by membres of the armed forces while on duty and by members of the Border Guard and the uniformed staff of military organisations in the exercise of their professions
  • Conducts proceedings against persons who have committed offences against military secrecy
  • Advises and trains commanding officers in matters of military discipline
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