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Federal Department of Defence
Civil Protection and Sport


The Defence sector

The Defence sector consisting of Armed Forces Staff, Armed Forces Joint Staff, Armed Forces College, Land Forces and Air Force, Armed Forces Logistics Organisation and Armed Forces Command Support Organisation is the planning, management and administrative backbone of the Swiss Armed Forces.


Armed Forces Staff

The Armed Forces Staff (AFS) supports the Chief of the Armed Forces in leading the Defence sector. It is responsible for implementation of the political directives and military-strategic instructions. It also ensures development, planning, resource allocation as well as steering of the armed forces and is accountable for Defence sector management and control. Through directives the Armed Forces Staff controls the operational level with its training, operations and support sectors.


Armed Forces Joint Staff

The main task of the Armed Forces Joint Staff (AFJS) comprises planning as well as command and control of operations and missions of the Swiss Armed Forces in Switzerland and abroad that involve several services (JOINT) and have not been delegated to either land forces or air force or to the centres of competence. Apart from continual appraisal of the situation and permanent control of the situation, the AFJS is also responsible for the supervision and support of militia military personnel and military recruitment.


Land Forces

The Land Forces establish basic readiness of land forces staffs and modules and ensures readiness according to the directives of the Armed Forces Joint Staff. The Land Forces plan and direct the operations it has been tasked with. For the Land Forces the focus is always on accomplishing its military mission.


Air Force

The Swiss Air Force is the spearhead of the Swiss Armed Forces in the third dimension. It protects our airspace on behalf of the armed forces and the population and carries out air transport operations in Switzerland and abroad within the context of civil affairs support and peace support operations.


Armed Forces Logistics Organisation

All logistic and support services required by the land forces, the air force and by armed forces headquarters and command support organisation are provided by the Armed Forces Logistics Organisation.


Armed Forces Command Support Organisation

The CSO provides all foundations required for a complete and current appraisal of the situation to the Chief of the Armed Forces and his staff, but also to other organisations and authorities. The CSO is also responsible for crisis management.


Armed Forces College

Die Höhere Kaderausbildung (HKA) ist der anerkannte Hauptanbieter für die Führungs- und Stabsausbildung der Milizkader ab Stufe Einheit sowie für die Ausbildung der Berufsoffiziere (BO) und Berufsunteroffiziere (BU) der Armee. Als Kompetenzzentrum für militärische Führungsausbildung und militärwissenschaftliche Forschung erbringt die HKA ihre Leistungen schwergewichtig für die Armee, in Partnerschaft mit den anderen Trägern der Nationalen Sicherheitskooperation und zivilen Bildungsorganisationen.


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Defence sector
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