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Federal Department of Defence
Civil Protection and Sport

Federal Intelligence Service


Annual FIS Report

  • Situation Report 2015 of the Federal Intelligence Service FIS

    How safe is Switzerland? What should Switzerland’s inhabitants be worried about, who poses a threat to us and what are the dangers we face? To answer these questions, the FIS’s situation radar offers an overview from the security-policy point of view; it gives the FIS’s perspective on what the main security concerns for Switzerland are at present and what are currently only latent threats.

    Published at: 04.05.2015 | Size: 4324 Kb | Type: PDF








  • Prophylax

    This brochure is part of a prevention and awareness enhancement campaign of the Federal Intelligence Service FIS on non-proliferation and economic espionage. It serves to heighten the awareness of companies and educational establishments and provides information on how dangers and illegal businesses can be recognised and prevented and what the authorities are doing to prevent and counter such activities.

    Published at: 31.07.2015 | Size: 491 Kb | Type: PDF


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