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Weiterentwicklung der RUAG


Under the umbrella company of the BGRB Holding AG (Armaments Companies Holding Company), there are today two independently operating groups, RUAG MRO Holding AG (RUAG MRO) and RUAG International Holding AG (RUAG International). RUAG International is mainly active in the aerospace markets and is to be privatised in the medium term. RUAG MRO will continue to provide all security-related services for the DDPS. This primarily involves maintenance, repair and overhaul as well as the upkeep of mission-relevant systems such as the fighter jets.

Since its foundation in 1998, the former RUAG Holding AG has developed from an armaments company into an international technology group. Ensuring the equipment of the armed forces, as required by law, only accounted for a small part of its activities. In 2018, the Federal Council therefore decided to unbundle the parts working for the armed forces from the other, internationally oriented business areas. This unbundling has been implemented since 1 January 2020, and the final work is expected to take until the end of 2022.

The Confederation is the sole or main shareholder of various companies (SBB, Swiss Post, etc.). These federally-owned companies perform tasks that are in the public interest. This includes ensuring that the armed forces are equipped. The Swiss Confederation is therefore the sole shareholder of BGRB Holding AG and thus also of RUAG International and RUAG MRO. It looks after its interests through the Federal Council.

Every four years, the Federal Council decides on strategic objectives the parent company and the sub-holdings. The management board of BGRB Holding AG informs the Federal Council annually whether the strategic objectives have been met. As representatives of the Federal Council, the head of the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS) and the head of the Federal Department of Finance (FDF) hold quarterly so-called owner discussions with the top management of the companies.

The tasks and responsibilities are divided as follows: the DDPS is responsible for the management and controlling of the of BGRB Holding AG and for matters relating to RUAG MRO, while the FDF is responsible for matters relating to RUAG International.

Federal Act on Federal Armaments Companies (FArmCA)

The adoption of the Federal Act on Federal Armaments Companies (FArmCA) in 1997 laid the basis for RUAG's foundation, and authorised the Swiss Confederation to establish, buy or invest in companies in order to guarantee the provision of equipment to the Swiss Armed Forces.




As of May 2021
Issue Date
Implementation of RUAG unbundling as of 1 January 2020
Founding ceremony of the new RUAG holding companies 15 November 2019
Federal Council nominates board of new RUAG holding company 23 October 2019
Federal Council decides on RUAG's future 27 June 2018 and 15 March 2019
Federal Council responds to the CC-N's report 28 September 2018
CC-N report on the cyberattack on RUAG    8 May 2018
Federal Council issues unbundling mandate 21 March 2018
Cyberattack on RUAG 2016

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