Saab does not participate in flight and ground tests for new Swiss fighter aircraft

Swedish manufacturer Saab informed armasuisse today that the company will not participate in the upcoming flight and ground tests for a new fighter aircraft in Payerne. Airbus (GER), Boeing (USA), Dassault (FRA) and Lockheed Martin (USA) are thus the four candidates that remain in the evaluation process.

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«Switzerland’s Security 2019»: the Federal Intelligence Service presents its situation report 2018

The security environment is becoming increasingly fragmented and complex. The Federal Intelligence Service’s (FIS) annual report presents the most important developments in the intelligence scene over the past year.

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Federal Council decides on the future of the RUAG technology corporation

The Federal Council approved unbundling procedures for the sections of RUAG that perform services for the armed forces. At the same time, it decided that RUAG International should be developed into an aerospace technology group and fully privatised in the medium term.

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Cyber-Defence Campus opened

The Cyber Defence Campus of the DDPS commenced operation in January 2019. The campus is an initiative of the national strategy for the protection of Switzerland against cyber risks. It focuses on early detection and observation of current developments in the cyberworld and development of action strategies.

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Büroräumlichkeiten des NDB

Intelligence Service

The Federal Intelligence Service assesses Switzerland’s threat situation in its entirety. With its operational and preventive performances it directly helps to protect Switzerland.

AdA mit Sturmgewehr 90 (Stgw 90)


The mission of the Armed Forces includes area security and defence, subsidiary operations to prevent and overcome mortal dangers as well as contributions to peace promotion within an international framework.

Funktionstest im Cockpit des EC 635 (Eurocopter)


The Federal Office for Procurement (armasuisse) is responsible for the research, development, evaluation, procurement, maintenance and liquidation of equipment and infrastructure for the armed forces and other customers.

Head of department

Federal Councillor Viola Amherd

Viola Amherd

In 2018, the Federal Assembly elected Viola Amherd to the Federal Council. She took over as head of the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport on 1 January 2019.

Kartenausschnitt Lausanne und Umgebung


The Federal Office of Topography (swisstopo) is the centre of competence for the Swiss Confederation responsible for geographical reference data, for instance the description, representation and archiving of geographic spatial data.

Zivilschutzangehöriger mit Kettensäge

Civil Protection

The Federal Office for Civil Protection coordinates the protection of the Swiss population against disasters and emergencies. It also plans the development of the civil protection and the civil defence organisations.

Kinder bei einer Jugend+Sport Veranstaltung


The Federal Office for Sport is the state centre of expertise for sport. It fulfils the tasks arising from the government's promotion of gymnastics and sport, such as training, instruction, research and associated services.